How to Make Offers on Homes for Sale That Are Likely to Get Accepted

Buying a home can be both exhilarating and frustrating, but finding homes for sale is only the first part of the equation. The key to success is knowing how to make your offer attractive without selling yourself short or offending the seller. A little finesse on your part could mean the difference between getting a contract or watching someone else get the keys to your dream home.

1. Be respectful. One of the biggest complaints of home sellers and agents is buyers who are disrespectful when viewing a listing. Sure, a house is a commodity for sale, but most times, it’s also someone’s home, with all of the associated emotions and memories. Picking apart defects or making negative comments won’t get you a better price.

2. Be realistic. You may find a home you fall in love with, but don’t overreach when it comes time to make an offer. Jumping in with an offer over the asking price may score points, but you may regret paying more than a home is worth if the infatuation wears off and buyer’s remorse sets in.

3. Just as you shouldn’t offer too much for a property, you shouldn’t low-ball either. Anything below the purchase price should be based on concrete factors like how long the home has been on the market, how many other buyers are interested, and the results of a professional inspection.

4. Make the offer in writing, and have your real estate agent draw it up.

Working with an exclusive buyer’s agent will give you the edge when it comes to buying a house. Real estate agents know more about the local market than industry outsiders, and they know what points to consider when it comes time to make an offer. Just make sure that when it’s time to find a real estate agent, you choose one who has a good reputation and experience, is in sync with your goals and values, and who is only representing your interests during the transaction. That is what finding an exclusive buyer’s agent will do for you.


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